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Saturday, August 04, 2007

hello my invisible and unknown dears

killing my wrists in wifi land, but loving it, here i am at the Coffee Obsession in Falmouth MA, wearing my favorite summer dress and answering email. v touched by everyone's concern abt the Mpls bridge disaster. i was on a plane to boston when disaster struck, and learned about it the next morning when my mother showed me the front page of the Boston Globe. Wow. a Dramatic Rendition in drawing, not photography. It's right by school, so i was a bit beside myself not knowing about my colleagues and friends. Now it turns out just about everyone's ok. I mean, as far as i know, the folks i know are doing all right. but what a wake-up call, in many ways. It's remarkable how distant i feel from it, though, once i learned that no one i know was affected, and that there were in fact so few fatalities. Is that screwed up?
The cape is lush, i'm not usually here in august. everything jungly and overgrown, it looks healthy, not dried-out like mpls. the water's warm, i've been in twice and there's no body-gasp when the water gets mid-midriff as there usually is. It's strange to transition into a rhythm of sloth and slowness; i spent most of today proofreading my ms for missing em-dashes and other typos. it'll take a while to get it out the door, i have to bring myself to revisit the introduction after having reread it and seen the overall lay of the land. ok, i'm just chilling. happy vacationing. a bit isolated but x funkhouser will be down here for a day, and then i've got a few poet friends around...gotta scare them up. over and out...


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