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Friday, February 02, 2007

back at last thank god a'mighty...

ah, finally switched to the google thing on my office computer. it wont work at home but now i'm home free. nice talks this afternoon by colleagues katherine scheil, michael hancher and jani scandura, in increasing levels of complexity and narrative tension they made a fine sequence, tho' i overate on the chocolates, cookies etc provided by the department. they talked about archives, which i presented as arch-hives, based on a paper on Adeena Karasick i'd done in which i talk about bees, the letter B (beit) and the archive as beehive ("Beehive yourself, maria!" exclaimed Adeena delightfully when we did a joint presentation back in October). i got in the erotical aspects of archive fever, the throbbing of activity and desire for the goldmine motherlode, etc. it was fun, having Adeena in my back burner as it were as i introduced these speakers. now off to the gym and then to the opening of the bob-dylan's-early-years gallery opening at the weisman...looking seeing spider john koerner and tony glover. it's around zero degrees, far less w/ wind-chill, but i feel all femmy in my flouncy floral skirt and pink sweater, the bldgs are overheated here at school (unlike my underheated home) what will we do to contribute to the slowing of global warming? how can we, living as we do in mpls, the minne-apple or little siberia???


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