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Sunday, November 26, 2006

post t giving

the problem w/ hosting your own tgiving party is that you can't just walk away from the feast; you're left with leftovers and so, in spite of all the little leftover parties you host throughout the weekend you end up eating a lot of it yourself and thus it is that you gain all this weight that then takes a year to lose...right in time for the following t-giving. i've been living on turkey, stuffing and rod ferguson's red velvet cake for a few days, well, since thursday and it's sunday now. and though i try to only eat tiny bits at a time, it doesn't always seem to work out that way. Last night went to cheng heng cambodian restaurant w/ shevy leslie and alex lubet and his family, then to alex's house to watch bob dylan movies. we settled on renaldo and clara, mostly on my insistence b/c i didn't know if i'd ever get another chance to see it. we watched abt an hour of it; whenever dylan was onscreen it was interesting; whenever he wasn't, it wasn't. it was a real challenge to watch, what with all the murky mumbling and dark colors and cramped spaces. anyway i had curry fish at the restaurant, which was none too smart for the diet, it was way too much fish drenched in oil and virtually no greens. then today i walked around the lake with my friends carol and joanna, then they came over for a leftover festival. that helped me consolidate things in the refrigerator so the pies aren't leaning over about to topple off the tin foil covering the turkey, and the pumpkin soup and gravy have been transferred to smaller receptacles. tomorrow miekal and camille arrive and they will really help me put a dent in things b/c they like the turkey and stuffing, though they are not fans of red velvet cake, but i'm sure they will make short work of the pecan pie that never made it out of the freezer, and the ice cream of which there is still a copious amount. i hope they will go for the saffron mashed potatoes (with a stick of butter) b/c i've got an ungodly amount about a gallon that i can't possibly finish myself. carol likes it but she's about the only taker so far. well enough about food. were you expecting poetry?


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