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Sunday, November 12, 2006

slow-mo sunday

my skillet of leeks and barbequed turkey is cooking away downstairs, all bubbly-bubbly, making the house smell good, but it'll smell funny tomorrow when i come home from work and step inside. the phone's been ringing a lot. got more fun stuff lined up for the HOWL event; three generations of jazz musicians. bongoes, drum and keyboard, to riff behind the mass reading. and what else, what else and what else. wrote a review of a good book in record time. didn't get to my real task of the day, haven't gotten to it in two weeks, in three months...had a blissfully lowkey weekend, did nothing except, well, wrote that review, met w/ david bernstein to plan the howl thing, shopped at a consignment store, emailed back and forth with a student who wants help on a paper...meditated, ate, had divine sleep, walked just a little, had squash pie with Eric and Kelly of Rain Taxi fame (it was fabulous, with real whipped cream) and got the recipe from Kelly, it was actually made w/ a butternut squash from my CSA, one of the twenty or so i brought back. so these squash and pumpkins are finding happy homes with appreciative people who love to eat.


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