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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

rollins and tootsie rolls

forgot to get halloween candy then ran out and bought $18 worth of tootsie rolls, reese's pieces and mini-hershey bars. only got 2 groups of kids and now must rush off to a sonny rollins concert, i'm thrilled b/c this'll be the first time i get to see him...Jamaican/Canadian poet Pam Mordecai was just here at the U for a reading hosted by VG: Voices from the Gaps it was a great occasion, she's a very warm and lively person i admired her stamina b/c we kept her going all day long w/o a break and she was exceptionally gracious about it.

ok just got a bunch more trickrtreaters...they've pretty much cleaned me out. The adults always want candy, too. Only one dad in the whole crew said no. ok overnout.


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