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Thursday, October 26, 2006

reconstruction blues

I posted a lovely passage (yeah, i admit it) right before flying to tulsa, then lost the whole thing. I'll try to reconstruct the highlights...
Here's a collaboration i sort of imposed on Audacia Dangereyes, the alias creature of overheardness:


you said humbly
all a-mumble

both read books
shaves of glass

vanishing and easily
fired from within

outdistanced by time
crumbly pure powdered

I got to the scene
between the leaves

panting all ancient history
painting through parchment

I like the way it turned out. I remember going to albany for a conference convened by Chris Funkhouser back in the 1990s, and i stayed w/ Pierre Joris and Nicole Peyrafitte in their Madison Street mansion; i was ravenously hungry and ate most of the chicken and cornbread she'd prepared for dinner; she's an amazingly efficient and good cook and hostess, in addition to being –to me, at the time –intimidatingly hip, having grown up in an inn-keeping family in the pyrenees. I stayed in Joe's room and read a pirate book to Miles, the younger son. "Le Pirate BADABOUM," and drank my coffee on their couch looking out a tree, with their cat Pillule snuggled up against me. At least so i remember; anyway it was lots of fun saying "pillule" and "badaboum." That conference is the first place i met sandy baldwin, ben friedlander, chris stroffolino, doug rothschild, and of course pierre and nicole. and chuck stein, whose presentation blew me away. the only woman i remember other than nicole is belle gironda, though i know betsy burns, now my mpls homey, was there as well, as i remember her daughter Cici in Pierre and Nicole's livingroom.
It's an overcast day here and i'm sick, at home, having bowed out of the presentation on Dylan and the Beats i was going to give in Colleen Sheehy's class on Dylan at the Weisman art museum, in preparation for the big Dylan exhibit that's coming in the Spring. There is a conference in late March associated with the exhibit, so all you groovoids get your paper proposals in! ok, over and out. it's kabocha squash soup all day every day around here, an antidote to the extra avoirdupoid accumulated in Tulsa.


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