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Monday, April 03, 2006

back in the skidaddle

So i get some nice posts from friends. that is a big incentive. i didn't see the cool dress at the oscars but i will try to google it. i've started a new xstitch it's going to be a big SOS to indicate how swamped i feel...a big O in the middle with s's dancing around it in different fonts. haven't cooked anything memorable lately except a bread pudding with a jar of black raspberry "spreadable fruit" jam and some of the cranberries i got from dreamtime village, and honey. i've got way too much honey, people give it as gifts etc. i gave a half-finished "pure minnesota honey" plastic bear to gabrielle civil and still have tupelo honey, chestnut honey and one other kind in big jars to work my way thru. i'm maxxed out w/ this collaborative arts search committee work at school it's fun and stimulating but exhausting over the weekend i cry b/c depleted... a puppeteer, michael sommers, gave a fun presentation his work looks sort of wierd, art brut-ish but he does cool community stuff and the art and theatre dept adore him...


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