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Sunday, February 26, 2006

working on working

on a project w/ mIEKAL and camillE (she has adopted his orthographic ways and means i guess).
and on something called unvarnished? no, "unwithered jaguar," a Spanish project commemorating a Spanish woman poet
and on a paper on NYSchool/Flarf genealogy/continuum
and on a paper on "use-value of the avant-garde" whatever that means
and then think forward to something on...micropoetries for Dee Morris's "poetries" issue of Iowa Review of Cultural Studies or some such...her description in the MLA call for papers validates my attempts –not alone, to be sure, but sometimes it feels that way –to open up poetry studies to THE SOCIAL, decades after some have already proclaimed the death of cultural studies...
i feel responsible for this blog now, to maintain it, cultivate it (and spring is coming, and my garden's going to need a shitload of attention, yes, shitload in the form of nourishment; compost, manure, etc.) and how can all this be done. and i feel i haven't sufficiently nourished the blog, haven't shared the best language, the best thoughts, the best logic, the best emotion, the best eloquence that writing can offer, writing to the social void, or rather to the anonymity of the social since folks do seem to be looking over my shoulder at what the latest is, though they don't comment. How can this world of infinite criss-crossings and interfacings be managed? Who has time to look at all these different poetics blogs to compare and figure out what's useful and what's not? Esp granted the provisional, contingent, half-baked quality of most blog entries, why invest time? It's a matter of feeling one's way along...


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