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Sunday, February 05, 2006


just dug Douglas Ewart and Mankwe Ndosi at Jeff Hansen's Sundays at Blake School series. AFternoon of sun and cold briskitude outside, inside a pulsing resonant didjeridoo sound enveloping a large room w/ fireplace (and fire w/in) of mostly teenage prep school students who are stunned and embarrassed by the new sound, but getting drawn in in the course of the afternoon. A parade of gaudy gorgeous instruments, all handmade by Ewart himself, rainsticks, a drum made of a bicycle wheel w/ beaded spokes, winds, percussives, ah and Ndosi's masterful vocalizations. got lost later in posh Mpls district, mansions on one side of the road and huge leaning trees on the other, barren and magnificent, forlorn and grand against the stark snow. as silent and static as Ewart was resonant, vibrational. now it's getting noticeably lighter out, it's 4:55 and still sunshine!!! amazing that it happens every year. noodling away at this "use value of the avant-garde" essay, i have no idea anything about a-g, just want to showcase my fabulous textemes culled from books of poetry, the internet, and archives...less and less compelled to "make sense of it all..." no reviews, no nothing here, just a stream of teenish diarism...


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