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Friday, January 20, 2006

and yet there's more...

from upstairs here, i can smell the chickpeas cooking; i'm making cilantro hummus (just use cilantro instead of tahini, it comes out really good) and looking out hte window at a snow-covered garage roof of my gay-couple neighbors. my other neighbors are a somali family w/ six beautiful kids who plaster themselves against my chain link fence and call out "meow!" to my cat when she's outside. but it's winter now and i don't see the kids so much. i just finished a shawl for rain taxi's next-year ebay silent auction; it's lilac, light blue, dark blue and another color i forget; kelly everding picked out the colors for the weft, blue and two shades of brown. i washed it, blocked and steamed it, it's drying on the diningroom table, it's pretty trippy.
thanks for the shout-out tim p but i fear there will be scant litcrit here as i'm pretty brain-dead these days. i'm having some difficulties w/ my graduate class, creative writing and cultural studies, not sure why, i was avid to teach it last semester, couldn't wait, and then when it came time to prepare for the first class of the semester i felt muffled, mediated, at a great distance from the material and the materiality of being in the classroom. i hereby make a commitment to spend a little time thinking more seriously about the issues and the format before next wednesday. more three-liners later, when i get back from (yet) another school-related meeting...


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