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Monday, January 23, 2006

another day slept-crept away

suddenly stymied, i forget how to spell "crept." is that right? i'll let it stand but am mildly horrified at the predations of aging on my so-prized "language arts" abilities. the all-white recipe (rice, rice cakes, chicken, slivered almonds, daikon and mushrooms) was one heak of a lot of word, but i pulled it off over 2 days...marinating chicken in dry vermouth (i used a few drops of grand marnier, the only booze in the house; i used napa cabbage instead of daikon, too), egg white and cornstarch, etc etc. was it worth it? well it's pretty good, esp the ("lite") coconut milk you add in at the end) but quite bland considering all the work. i guess that's the point of white food. it's a whole issue of food n wine. i find it soothing to cook instead of work, did i already say that? and the bourbon balls and chickpea hummus are resting comfortably in the refrigerator waiting for thurs pm when the "Art as Knowing" Research Collaborative comes over to eat and talk about our future plans as a group. A nap punctuates a rereading of Raymond Williams's Marxism and Literature, now *why* am i making a graduate class in creative writing and cultural studies read this? it seemed like a good idea at the time. It is easy to have respect and affection for people like RW who cared so much about what they did that they were happily cranking books out late in life to sum up the insights gleaned in a lifetime of being a Marxist Literary Critic, or, as my students have been known to say, the insights "gleamed." I'm a gleamer myself, though the trash-cruising in my new neighborhood is a thin shadow of what it used to be like in my posh old neighborhood, Uptown Mpls, full of restaurants, bookstores, clothing stores and fancy expensive houses whose yard sales were heaven. No poems today. Next i'll figure out, courtesy of Nick Piombino, how to link to other sites where "my" "work" can be "appreciated." xo, my lovies all... just read Juliana S's Every one With Lungs and want to call everyone "Beloveds," i guess i'll make my grad class read that too, as she's coming here next sept (yippee!)


  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger Tim Peterson said…

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who has to pry my eyes open in order to get through an issue of OCTOBER. Yet I think that marxist critics are often an "escape goat" for something deeper in the culture, something that likes to eat tin cans and share with you its livestock of writing itself. Bottom line: Euclidean writing is kinda boring.


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