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Sunday, January 22, 2006

like who has time for this...

ah, "morning again, nothing needs to be done..." except it's not quite true. I'm supposed to write a paper on "The New York School Poets and their World" and i've chosen to write about NYSchool and Flarf, a genealogy of sorts and styles. A few flarfer-nutters sent me their thoughts and impressions and i know there was a whole flurry of pop-theorizing about flarf about a year or two ago but when will i have time to comb through the archives and dredge it up? i'd rather cook. yesterday i started a recipe from food and wine, a white-rice and chicken dish in which all the ingredients are white (the picture in the glossy mag looked really good) and i got abt 1/2 way thru and i had to go out for pizza w/ a coupla dear colleagues and so i left everything (having already burnt the slivered almonds) and now, today, after a pizza dinner and a late-night walk around Lake Calhoun (3.1 miles) the thought of cooking doesn't appeal. But it appeals more than working on this paper, reading application files for the Creative Writing Program (i don't have access to the room they keep the files in anyway, so there goes that weekend plan), or most other obligations. I am supposed to read Marxism and LIterature and Notebook of a Return to the Native Land for classes this week; i guess i can do that in bed with coffee, so that looks like the best option for now. over and out. i can't go on i'll go on and on...


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