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Friday, November 10, 2006

friday crash

ahh, i've skidded to the end of the week and slammed right into friday night. here i sit at my screen and keyboard, imagining the world outside full of plans and energy, and i just want to hunker down with reading material. or writing material. when feelings of loneliness came up this week i thought maybe i needed more socializing, but on closer inspection it turned out that i socialized nonstop last weekend and it was one of the reasons for my sense of depletion and thus loneliness. So this weekend i'll use the alternate strategy: lay as low as possible. I have to meet w/ someone about our HOWL event a week from today, that's tomorrow at noon, but otherwise i have an (ah, bliss) unscheduled weekend. Let's hope i can get some work done on my book w/ Ira Livingston.
xo, md


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