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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

respite despot

just a few minutes in the expansion of today: it's 70 degrees out in minnesota today!!! fabulous. a 12-mile bikeride, can you believe it. in a few minutes i'm off to meditate and really sink into the day in the most luxurious manner, but in the meantime i need a transition from the gogogoness of life in late fall semester. i sipped my wonderful cup of coffee out in the backyard under my backdoor light, sitting on the steps in sandals and a summer skirt, looking at the withered leaves hanging from the wisteria-draped structure-thing. Imagine. Life is open when it's like this. Every day a new gift falling from the clouds into our laps as we're seated at our computers or in our easy chairs. We talked abt Frank O'Hara in my ugrad class and i passed around a bunch of books including the Joe Brainard Retrospective catalogue, from which i'd xeroxed his essay on "art." afterwards a student wanted to borrow it. Just for a couple of days. "It's pretty cool," he said. I couldn't disagree. I'm such a sucker for their enthusiasm, i let him have it, just made sure my name was in it. Another student wanted to borrow my Amiri Baraka video but wasn't in class today. It's pretty lovely. But when do i get to do my "own" work? Am I supposed to forget that word "own"? Thây would say yes. Here is my own work, dear blog. You're it right now. My lovely expressivity-vortex, my generous blank friend, my enabler. As long as i don't try to posture as a poetry-know-itry person, you are a relaxing reflection to spend time with.


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