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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


so, like, i've been "tagged" by Rodney Koeneke so i will list 5 little-known facts about myself. What does "little-known" mean? What is "myself?" I will try to do this in a way that still makes me "viable" in case potential employers cruise my blog; i have heard that this happens. Fortunately I like my job right now.
1. my father went to boston latin school w/ leonard bernstein.
2. my mother rode her bike to school w/ asger jorn.
3. i never met a dairy product i didn't like.
4. i used to be but now i am.
5. for my high school graduation present, my folks paid for the printing of a self-published ms of poetry called "Waiting: A View from the Earth;" it was a green spiral-bound booklet done by a commercial printer my mother used; several copies were at Grolier's Poetry Bookshop for years until i bought them back in a blush of self-consciousness. And I never let my folks read it.


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