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Monday, January 22, 2007

so much hassle on the blog...

they're trying to get me to switch to something they're calling "your new BLOGGER account," that involves "cookies," google, and java. coffee and treats? i doubt it. but it hampers my ability to log in when i've got a few peaceful snowy moments at home and restricts me to my office computer here at work. i've got genet on the brain, immersed in Miracle of the Rose over the weekend and throughout the previous week, having assigned in for a class...wonder how they'll respond, i'm curious. and watched "Un Chant D'Amour" on ubuweb (thank you Kenny Goldsmith!!!), which is beautiful, beautiful but sometimes laughably melodramatic or romantic; the two men frolicking in the verdant woods together, the one chasing the moves me the way adolescent excess, especially my own, moves me. today i got some great clothes from my sister and from Lisa Arrastia, and i feel like a million buckeroonies getting ready to teach my 2nd class. life floats by dreamlike, veering strangely between feelings of overwhelming business and melancholic or happy torpor...sometimes within moments of each other. The sky looks like wallpaper scrolling by framed by my office window, identical thin-shaved clouds, as if big fat cumuli were sliced on a mandoline and placed like tiles across the sky, which, fortunately, is blue and gold after a few days of snowy blankness. These moments of self/nature reflection are supposed to be anathema to what they call "post-modern" poets, but i can't deny the feeling of peace that a few moments of objective correlating and breathing do a lot to ground me. ok that's it; i can't go on i'll go on. that sentence will be on the cake for our next year's Samuel Beckett 101 celebration...


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