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Monday, February 05, 2007

more belower than below

The ultimate mn frustration: my car won't start, even w/ a jumpstart from kelly next door and a visit from triple-AAA with strong jumper cables. Something's wrong. Again. With this car I got because my mother knew this mechanic who bought this car at an auction and so on. Never a quarter-year without trouble. Anyway i'm here, at home, now going to get it towed to Sayid my nice mechanic. It's bright sunshine but well below zero, and with a wind-chill to boot, in the -20s. I canceled my class, that was the responsible thing to do, many of them take buses or ride bikes year-round, it's not safe, it's a night class. you can get frostbite waiting for a bus in this weather, they say exposed flesh can freeze after 10 minutes at -30. Anyway i'm trying to keep my spirits up by having carol meet me at sayid's and then we'll have dinner at the longfellow grill, where i've never eaten but it looks nice-ish. not super-nice, but nice-ish. i made some cornbread, a Cooking Light recipe i've made before, and friday night i'll marinate the turkey in bourbon and etc. Barrett Watten's coming for a talk and a reading and i'm hosting a potluck chez moi b4 the reading... so gearing up to make the turkey, etc. i just need my car to work!!!


  • At 7:28 PM, Blogger mIEKAL aND said…

    this is the time of year in the midwest when anything that can break will—our pipes froze for most of day, nothing more fun that using a hair dryer for 9 hours to thaw pipes. on the bright side this is all the time of year to start your peppers!


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