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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ah, againagain

what a wonderful feeling to be back in blogland. after various kinds of frustration i finally, thanks to my beneficent workplace, have an uptodate laptop and here i am at my cafe, working and taking a break from working by blogging, looking out at the 95 degree weather (i rode my bike over here, what folly but it beats sitting in a sauna-fied car) from the imaginary cafe with the real airconditioning in wonderful to feel i can actually write something without having my wrists stick to the keyboard from humidity internal and ext.
i have suddenly gotten shy about loggin my blog, who knows who is checking in to read it, and i'm so overprotective that it's having this undesired effect, i feel that someone's looking over my shoulder and i can't be spontaneous. gotta shake that inhibition or this will be just as stultifying as any other obligatory activity.


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