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Saturday, May 05, 2007

just checking in

at last! after weeks of struggle with password, username confusion, it seems i've stumbled into the proper combination after several visits to the "forgot your password?" site and so forth. it's spring in full swing now. magnolias come and gone, lilacs out, other people's fruit-tree blossoms going crazy. it is one of my favorite things to drive through a slightly run-down neighborhood and be amazed by the cherry-blossoming trees lining the streets with glory and dark pinkness. yesterday, the first rainy day in some time, gave me the opportunity to make a savory bread pudding while reading someone's ms on queer poetries and napping (is there a relationship? well yes.) the ms is smart but turgid and it's taken way too long to read. joseph lease was just in town for a very successful set of events; two readings, one at Magers and Quinn bookstore and one at the U, and a lunch w/ grad students that was incredibly helpful to many of them, plus to me. this past week has been a series of dinners with friends/colleagues i haven't gotten together with all year, and belated birthday treats. i am pretty burnt out, and next week to nyc for a panel at the bowery poetry club, which i'm excited about b/c i've never been there, believe it or not. happy cinco de mayo!
walter lew was here, latasha diggs, other's been quite the year, i've had such a great year!


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