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Saturday, February 24, 2007


We're having a snow event, as they euphemistically refer to this three-day, three-wave, three-pronged attack of the frosty precipitate. Snow's blowing sideways, heavily, "heavy snow, blowing snow" tonight, "we've had freezing drizzle ..." "late tonight and tomorrow..." "regional snow tonight"..."3-8 inches by tomorrow" and here comes Prairie Home Companion on NPR. This wd be a good time to go to the gym, just as GK starts up his opening song about the old piano down the avenue. Its tones are muffled tonight. Tonight? It's only just 5:00 in the afternoon, a Saturday afternoon, and i've been noodling with some school service stuff and skimming the batch of papers i got from my ugrad class. Mostly look pretty good, pretty imaginative. Started a new weaving thing, before i get into Eli's tallis, that's Dorothy's son (Dorothy my old Hampshire College friend); i ordered the silk today from Henry's Attic and bought a cone of silver metallic. I've got the black and purple so that'll cut down on my "out of pocket" so to speak. Last night lovely meal at Barbette's w/ Joanna: we split baby turnips, a beet-apple salad w/ horseradish cream and little sprinkly fried onions like toasted coconut on top, and then a lemongrass basil steak that was truly yummo-licious. and then, of course, a creme brulée. Some v nice things happening: Poetix Collaborative funded, perhaps a personal work related good-thing i'm not at liberty to disclose yet, and an IAS fellowship for next spring. Ahhh, a little breathing space to think that what i do *does* show up on the map occasionally. Ok off to the gym before the GK narrative draws me in.


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