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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

foggy woods hole day

spent the morning with joanne moore, the grand-niece of Yiddish poet Manileib Brahinsky, mother of Anna Malmude, and grandmother of James Davis. she regaled me with tales of her Yiddish New York bohemian childhood, her saintly grandmother and her audition, at age 8, with Balanchine to go to his ballet school after her Isadora Duncan training with the daughter of one of Manileib's mistresses. Her dad picked up Balanchine in his cab and asked where his daughter (joanne) shd go to ballet classes and B said when she turns 8 (she was 6 and already knew she needed some technique) send her to me. so he did and she went to balanchine's ballet school for 9 years. now she lives in woods hole and served me fabulous bagel-bottoms from H&R with butter, cream cheese and lox!!! v decadent. we walked from her charming cottage into woods hole so shd cd buy cigarettes and then looked in the liberty house for nice clothes, then went to the aquarium to visit the seals, but they were summering in new bedford so the seal-pool was drained. it was a great walk in sleepy, muggy weather, with great coffee at her house with real light cream (as opposed to the fat-free halfnhalf i found in the fridge when i arrived...
what a nice day, and tomorrow the poet mairead byrne arrives...summer's great!


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