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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

howling on the radio

yday i was on the radio, along w/ bill morgan by phone from vermont, talking about HOWL. it was fun. it's on a station i always listen to, Minn. Public Radio, not b/c it's such a great station but b/c i crave the sound of the human voice in conversation. i had often fantasized about being on this particular show b/c i get irritated with the host; she can ask such stupid questions. but i enjoyed it and i even heard from a few friends and colleagues later in the day that they'd heard it and enjoyed it. i'm enjoying these minor moments in the sun; they do a lot to counteract the daily blues of november in minnesota and the seemingly ceaseless round of letters of recommendation, meetings, dissertations, ugrad papers to grade, etc. that is the most gratifying thing abt writing this blog; it soothes me, the way writing in my journal soothes me, reminds me that i'm here, words are my best friends, like my cat, i can caress them and touch them and let them go and they wander about the room and come back; they have a physical comfort in them, the fact that they exist, that i can use them that i can never use them up, that they are always here for me: when i walk from the parking ramp to my office; when i get in my wonderful bed with a book or a crossword puzzle or a magazine; when i turn on the radio, when i talk to my friends, when i talk to myself.


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