Nomad Ink

Saturday, January 12, 2008


what's expanding is my girth, as i recover from 10 days on the east coast 5 of which were spent sick in bed in the home of my childhood in newton centre MA.
what i'm hoping will expand is vision, creativity, energy, productivity, imagination, generosity, compassion, mindfulness.
the phone rings and i know it's long distance but i'm glued to the screen here...stymied by the fretfulness of available activities, i can always turn to this sort of reassuring diaristic writing, which soothes me.
i don't feel like evaluating dissertation projects, though they're asking me to log on to show i exist...
i don't feel like proofing mIEKAL's novel (i mean right this moment i don't feel like it; what i've read is actually great)
i shd go to the gym but i don't have time b4 i head off to leslie's bat mitzvah party (gorgeous happy-making time at the shul this morning, had a deep experience of my people, though i had no idea what the f*** anyone was saying, except i caught words like "moses" and "egypt" here and there...and the food was great, hence expanding girth etc)
i shd clean my room...
i shd cut 22,000 words from my ms
i shd write another letter of rec
i shd send a condolence card to my mother's friend Pia
i shd...uh, nominate someone for something
all i feel like doing is...writing in this little space, my comfort zone, and reading yet another bio of iggy, who is also a taurus.
all of these things will get done except the cleaning of the room. who really cares?
so, i feel better, energized, already, having written my banal little confession, sweetly packaged in bloggy pyjamas and sent off to bed in cyberspace.