Nomad Ink

Monday, December 11, 2006


no weather.
flex akimbo.
so there,
black coated
no labor
in the moon
bowls bounce by
on heads
no ice
meet me
no phrasing

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

melancholia trifle

something like a letdown after the big public events of the last few weeks: first HOWL@50, then t-giving, then the Translating Translation event, where Masha Z and Christophe Wall-R knocked my socks off with their wit, erudition, and thoughtfulness; these events are charmed in their own way, suspended in a glow of aliveness, and give me an energy boost, though they take a great deal of energy to prepare for as well. So i spoze it's "only natural" to feel a dip in the daily mood barometer afterwards...went to the café but couldn't concentrate, then got a haircut to have someone fuss over me for half an hour. it was very nice, he was a nice, non-irritating person, not fatuous or intrusive. and i really did need to get a haircut, first wrote hair cult, which my family actually was; my older sister has never cut her hair, which is down to her knees, quite thin now, with age i guess. So's mine. But i cut mine. my mother too, her hair is long, she cut it once, in her twenties, and says she felt "like a circus horse." She's 90 and still wears her hair up in a bun. i must be writing about hair to not write about the exhaustion and slight emptiness of end-of-semester more week of classes, a bunch of prelims and dissertation defenses, and meetings...

Monday, December 04, 2006


here i see "recover post" two days's not on my laptop at home, just here at school. halfmmmmooncalf torn lightning across itself, withering into a mist of ice. it's cold out today and the fantasy of fireplace, friends and languor entices. leisure at tunnel's end...and hurling myself at it.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

crushingly unfair!

i just composed a long, long post and lost it. it was about Translating Translation, a beautiful event we held yday featuring Masha Zavialova and Christophe Wall-Romana. I can't stand that i lost it having labored over it for some time and described a lot of stuff in detail, with loving adjectives and naming lots of names, and full of content about the content of the talks which were spectacular. this is so unfair. well perhaps it was meant to be.